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7335 - Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting for the SCO
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State Appropriated Funded Courses - The Fire Academy offers the following basic courses at a $5 fee to career and volunteer South Carolina fire service students through Catalog courses, Request Courses and Training in House:

1. 1122 - Basic OSHA Interior Burn (8 Hours)
2. 1152 - OSHA Basic Interior Firefighter (80 Hours)
3. 1153 - Firefighter I (plus additional prerequisites) (60 Hours)
4. 1154 - Firefighter II (plus additional prerequisites) (36 Hours)
5. 8330 - S-190 Intro. to Wildland Fire Behavior (8 Hours)
6. 8331 - S-130 Wildland Firefighting (16 Hours)
7. 8332 - S-205 Wildland Urban Interface (20 Hours)
8. 8335 - Intro to Wildland and Urban interface (16 Hours)

9. 1210 - Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (40 Hours)
10. 1220 - Pumper Operations I (40 Hours)
11. 1221 - Pumper Operations II (16 Hours)

12. 2100 - Fire Officer I (40 Hours)
13. 2128 - Firefighter Safety and Survival (16 Hours)
14. 2137 - Incident Command System (16 Hours)
15. 2150 - Incident Safety Officer (16 Hours)
16. 2151 - Health and Safety Officer (16 Hours)

17. 4161 - Fire Instructor I (40 Hours)
18. IOWs

5.4 Course Fees and Policies
Student Fees and Billing - All courses are supplemented by SCFA funds. Course fees are listed for each course in the Public Fire Service Curriculum Catalog. The SCFA prefers a fire department to send an official check along with the registration. A second option is for the fire department to provide a Visa or MasterCard number, which is billed once the course is confirmed. If a fire department sends a purchase order, the department will be billed once the course is confirmed. However, no certificates will be sent until the bill is paid in full. In accordance with AG-005, fees for the 1151 Firefighter Candidate School must be paid in advance. If a fire department has not paid its bill within 120 days, it is considered past due. Until the bill is paid in full, that department will be prohibited from registering students. If a student receives a certificate and the course fee is not paid within 120 days of the billing date, the certificate will be revoked and course credit removed from the student’s transcript. Once the bill is paid, an additional $5 administrative fee must be paid before the course credit will be returned to the student’s transcript. The SCFA only collects fees from the student’s fire department. Refunds will be processed in accordance with agency policy. Open Enrollment course fees are listed in AP-033 and must be paid at time of registration.

A. Multiple students from one department registering for the same course delivery may use the same purchase order or VISA / MasterCard. All purchase orders must include the purchase order number, contact name and phone number, the FDID number and the billing address. It is recommended that the student’s name and social security number and the course code and section number also be listed.

B. The purchase order or VISA / MasterCard MUST be accompanied by a completed student registration form.

C. If a registered student cancels his or her registration, course fees are refundable up to 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course.

Student Cancellations - Cancellation requests must be received no later than 14 days prior to the course to receive a refund. Notice of cancellation should include the course name, course code, section number, delivery date and the name and social security number of the student to be cancelled. Requests may be submitted either by mail or fax. The fax number is (803) 896-9856.

Student Substitution - Any change to student registration should be submitted by the fire chief or other responsible official, in written form, by mail or fax, and must be received before the class begins. A completed registration form for the new student should be submitted along with the written request for substitution.

Out-of-State Fees - Out-of-state, military, or other non-South Carolina public fire service personnel who wish to attend SCFA training programs should contact the Fire Academy for specific fee information.

Data Privacy Warning - Your social security number is classified as private data. It is used to track your student records for programs you have participated in with the South Carolina Fire Academy. The only consequence of not furnishing all of the information requested on the registration form is that services may be delayed, restricted or withheld. Further, personal data retrieval will be delayed.

Student Eligibility
All course prerequisites are listed in the curriculum section of the catalog and must be met before the student is eligible to register. Students may not apply for the prerequisite and the course requiring the prerequisite at the same time. If a student completes a course and does not meet the prerequisites, no credit will be awarded for the program. In some instances, an IOW will be scheduled immediately following the training course. In that case, an exception is made to allow the student to sign up for both courses at once.

Students must be at least 18 years old and be a bona fide member of a career or volunteer fire department or other public emergency response agency to participate in Fire Academy training. Priority is given to members of South Carolina fire departments and other in-state public safety agencies. Private sector students, out-of-state students, and others meeting all prerequisites may be accepted after the two-week deadline and after all eligible South Carolina applicants have been accepted, contingent upon payment of appropriate tuition and/or fees. Applicants who fail to attend a course without first notifying the Fire Academy are considered “no shows.” They will forfeit any fees they have paid and may be penalized in future applications.

Physical Requirements
Firefighting often requires considerable physical exertion, exposure to high temperature and humidity levels and toxic atmospheres. It may require working at heights and in confined spaces. Many Fire Academy courses involve physical training in these activities. Participation may cause elevated body temperature, increased pulse, respiration and blood pressure, and may cause mental stress and affect the ability to react quickly to emergency situations. Persons with known heart or lung disease, hypertension, pregnancy or other conditions that may put them at increased risk of injury or illness are advised to check with their physician before participating in any of these activities. Students attending the Fire Academy’s fire ground training must be physically capable of performing fire service training tasks. Physical capability is the ability to actively participate in the strenuous tasks often associated with fire service duties. Some Fire Academy courses are classroom only and have no physical requirements. Refer to the course description or contact the Fire Academy for more specific information on course content.

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